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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name the academy D1 Golf Academy?

I named the academy D1 Golf Academy because my main focus of coaching is the student-athlete who wants to play golf at the highest level. I want my juniors to be nationally ranked so they will get a full scholarship to play in Division 1 college golf. I want all student-athlete golfers who train under our proven curriculum to be well prepared to play in division 1 golf.

About D1 Golf Academy?

We are a team of the best professionals in every field. We corroborate with the best golf coaches around the States and around the world. We have the best golf physical trainer in-house, Core Golf Performance, and even a medical team including a chiropractor who is in-house, mainspringchiropractic. We are a complete team of professionals who guide our student-athletes to their best to achieve their goals.

Coaching Philosophy?

I’m a mentor, friend, coach, supporter, and inspirer for my players. D1 Golf Academy offers a state-of-the-art learning and teaching center, with access to top-notch technology. We strive to teach the fundamentals of the game and to help golfers reach and exceed their true potential. D1 Golf Acacemy aims to improve the lives of young players by providing learning facilities and educational programs that enhance golf skills and fundamental life values. Do you want to become a champion, come train with us.

How would you grade your coaching knowledge?

Everything I’ve done and learned has been geared toward becoming a better coach. I always want to and will give myself a B+, because I’m always learning. I will never stop learning, and I’m always hungry for new ideas and information. I have many certifications, as you can see on my Bio, but I feel like there is always something missing, and this is why I have to work with a team of professionals to fill the gaps. I'm fully aware of the importance of fitness, biomechanics, injury prevention, and data analysis. I’m also good at communicating with players, finding out what their needs are, coming up with the best program possible and training them. Throughout my junior and professional careers, I was fortunate to work with many well-known coaches around the world. My knowledge has been building and growing since my junior career, and I’m so happy that I can share it with my players. I will continue to learn and to share new ideas with my players and fellow coaches. Technology is developing very rapidly, and new theories and ideas are coming out every day. As long as I’m breathing, I’m going to keep learning for my players.

How do you develop elite players?

Developing elite players is much more complex than you think. Sometimes, it requires some luck and a well-planned strategy. Coaching is only a few percent; it’s the program and process and commitment of players and parents. It requires teamwork. Because of developments in technology and research, there is so much data out there to be used for an advantage. Players can only work so hard; a well-planned program and process will reduce the stress that players and parents go through. Everything has to be fact-based, tracked, comparable, and show results. I don’t want to say it has to be results-oriented because the process is equally important, but the results must show. D1 Golf Academy is really good at using a data-based approach to train our players. This unique approach has been adopted by many female Korean players, and you can clearly see it in LPGA. You must be able to analyze the correct data and use that data to build a program, track the progress and prove it in the tournaments. It requires many hours of dedicated training and great effort and teamwork. Because you can clearly see the progress and the improvement, players will be motivated to make changes and to do well, and ultimately to build a winning mindset. A data-based approach and training are the keys to developing elite players. We don’t develop good players; we develop champions.

Who should join the D1 Golf Academy?

Students who want to challenge themselves to do the best they think can do. That’s what I’m here for. I’m not interested in students I can help, because if I can help, I’m sure any coach can help too. I’m more interested in a student I don’t know if I can help, and in one I’m not sure if I can train. Those are the students I want to train because through that curiosity, I will reach a level that I didn’t think was possible. I expect all our students to be determined to become one of the greatest. Do you want to play in division 1 golf, and do you want to train and prepare for college? If yes, come and train with our team of professionals. When you leave the program, you won’t regret you came and you won’t leave wishing you had done more, because you will have done everything to achieve your goals.

D1 Golf Academy
1 S Main St, UNIT 6
Lodi, NJ 07644